Nirvana Among Nominees For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

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Nirvana, the band that changed so much about the music scene and our culture in the '90s, has finally gotten a nod from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 22 years after their sophomore album Nevermind was released.

The band achieved a level of fame they never really wanted after their songs resonated with so many fans, mostly kids who felt misunderstood and found comfort in the music and garage-band culture the group spawned. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was of particular success for the band and reached number 6 on the Billboard charts in 1991.

The band's follow-up album, In Utero, just celebrated its 20th anniversary in September, and while it isn't considered to be the most successful of their works, it garnered critical acclaim as well as the love of fans despite the negative attention it received for the song "Rape Me". Sadly, it was to be the group's last album together, as lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994.

This year marks the first that the band was eligible for a nomination into the Hall of Fame; they are joined by Kiss, Linda Rondstadt, Hall & Oates, and Deep Purple. Fans will be able to vote on their favorites, and winners will be chosen by 600 members of the foundation. The inductees will be announced in December, but the ceremony won't be held until April 2014, and will air on HBO in May.

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