Nintendo's E3 2012 Presence Will Be Televised (And Tweeted)


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It's pretty obvious by now that I look forward to E3 like a kid looks forward to Christmas morning. It's the most exciting time of the year and you're probably just as hyped as I am. One of the more interesting shows this year will be coming from Nintendo as they have to prove to the world that the Wii U is something worth getting excited over.

Nintendo is in a good position to make that possible as they are brining back their All-Access Programming from last year, but in some new ways. The most important element is the press conference that will be taking place on June 5 at 9 a.m. PST. The press conference will be live-streamed via Facebook, and for the first time ever, Nintendo will be partnering with Viacom to broadcast the press conference commercial free on MTV2 and Spike TV.

“We don’t want anyone to miss the energy and excitement of this year’s E3 Expo,” said Cindy Gordon, Nintendo of America’s vice president of Corporate Affairs. “By offering different ways to tune in and follow all the Nintendo news, we aim to make fans all over the world feel like they’re right there with us at the show.”

It doesn't just stop at Facebook and television as Nintendo is taking advantage of every social network available to them. They will be using YouTube to post updates from the show floor during the entire convention. It will include looks at upcoming software and hardware as well as interviews with developers.

Twitter will also play a big role with Nintendo of America's Twitter account tweeting details all throughout the show. It will also be live tweeting announcements during the press conference for those who can't watch it on Facebook or television.

Lastly, Nintendo has opened its E3 Web site for all the world to see. It wil feature all the latest updates from the show floor. I assume it will also feature the same kind of videos from last year with Satoru Iwata interviewing developers working on 3DS/Wii U software.

If anything, Nintendo is shaping up for this year to be something big. We'll hopefully get all the major details on the Wii U this time around and be able to see some truly mind-blowing things. I'm already excited just by thinking about it.