Nintendo TVii Finally Launches Tomorrow


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Promised as a launch feature, Nintendo's ambitious TVii service was delayed to some time in December. The promised day is now near, but you might want to temper your expectations before you get disappointed.

Nintendo announced this morning that Nintendo TVii will be launching tomorrow, December 20. The free app is envisioned as a new way to watch TV as it brings the second screen experience to broadcast television and streaming services.

“After Dec. 20, you’ll never look at your TV the same way again,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “Wii U owners have already experienced the transformative effect that the GamePad has on game play and social interaction. Nintendo TVii shows how the integrated second screen of the GamePad can also transform and enhance the TV viewing experience. Welcome to the new world of TVii.”

Unfortunately, most of the promised features in Nintendo TVii have been delayed yet again. Nintendo states that the service, at launch, will only support cable and satellite providers in the U.S. and Canada. DVR and TiVo support have been delayed until early 2013.

As for streaming services, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video will be integrated into the service at launch. As for the arguably more popular Netflix, users will have to wait until early 2013 as well. For now, they'll just be able to use the regular app without the added benefit of additional information being display on the GamePad screen.

Even with the disappointing delays, Nintendo TVii still shows incredible promise. The ability to share moments from TV shows or sporting events on Twitter, Facebook and Miiverse from the GamePad without having to pause the action sounds like a nice feature that will get some usage. The app will also pull information from Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes for a more involved viewing experience.