Nintendo To Release Pokemon X/Y 2DS Bundles On December 6


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Nintendo launched its 3DS hardware redesign - the 2DS - earlier this year to coincide with the launch of the Pokemon X and Y. At the time, I wondered why they didn't just bundle the game with the hardware to take advantage of kids that would undoubtedly be pestering their parents for the new Pokemon game. It seems that Nintendo wanted to wait until the holidays for such a bundle.

Nintendo announced today that it will be releasing two separate 2DS bundles on December 6. Each bundle will come with either Pokemon X or Y pre-installed on the system for those who want an inexpensive entry point into the world of Nintendo 3DS.

Unfortunately, the bundles won't be available everywhere. Just as some Pokemon are exclusive to only one version of the game, each bundle will only be available at a specific retailer. The red Nintendo 2DS system and copy of Pokemon X will be exclusively sold at Target for $150. The blue Nintendo 2DS system and copy of Pokemon Y will be exclusively sold at Toys"R"Us for $150.

Nintendo notes that both bundles will be available at retail "while supplies last." While it could just be general marketing speak, it very well could mean that these are limited bundles that will only be available through the holidays. Parents that want to get their kid a new Pokemon game with a 3DS 2DS might want to hit up the above retailers to get their hands on a bundle.

If you don't believe in retailer exclusivity or just hate Pokemon, Nintendo also has a number of other 3DS bundles available at numerous retailers this holiday season. By far, the best bundle is the golden 3DS XL that includes a copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Aside from that, you can also get a 3DS bundle that includes a copy of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or a 3DS XL bundle that includes a copy of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

[Image: Nintendo/Business Wire]