Nintendo Introduces New Digital Content


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This week Nintendo highlights its new downloadable content for the Wii and 3DS:

Colors! 3D - a new painting application for the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to paint and view layers in 3D and share with friends. Comes with coloring book style pages

New Video - The Shins "The Rifle's Spiral" - features stop motion animation for the 3DS


TNT Racers - A multiplayer MarioKartesque racing game that involves cool gadgets and tricks to eliminate the competition. Available on WiiWare.

Exclusive interview - Nintendo Show 3D features an exclusive interview with Warren Spector, creator of Epic Mickey franchise. For the Nintendo 3DS.

Penguin Patrol - Already available for iphone, now on the DS - An action puzzle game where you save baby penguins.

New Nintendo content is available for download every Thursday at 9AM.

For some reason Nintendo is still sticking with its archaic point system method when buying through the Wii or DSi. Points must first be purchased through a points card or through the Wii shop channel. Wii Points and DSi points are not interchangeable, so when you buy a points card it must be used exclusively on one system. I guess the theory here is to trick you into buying more points than you need to purchase what you want, so you have to buy more stuff. And dividing that between two systems, means you have to do it twice.

The plus side is that they have introduced Nintendo eShop for the 3DS, which uses cash, though the fact that they have three different payment systems for three different systems is needlessly complicated.