Nintendo Brings Wii U ZombiU Bundle To North America On Feb. 17

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When the Wii U first launched in Europe, it got a ZombiU bundle that included Ubisoft's excellent launch title and a Wii U Pro Controller. That bundle is now coming to North America with an added value in the hope that more consumers pick up Nintendo's latest console.

Nintendo announced today that a ZombiU bundle which includes a physical copy of ZombiU, a Wii U Pro Controller, a 32GB Wii U and a digital copy of Nintendo Land will be hitting retailers across the U.S. and Canada on February 17 for $389.99. To sweeten the deal a little more, the bundle will also come a ZombiU art book.

All in all, it's a pretty good deal when you consider what you're getting. Nintendo even points out that consumers are saving $70 with the bundle versus buying everything separately. That being said, it's still $389.99 for a console that has very little in the way of quality launch titles. Sure, Nintendo Land and ZombiU are both fantastic, but the other great promised launch titles for Wii U have been delayed past the initial launch window.

The problem was made even more apparent yesterday as Ubisoft announced that Wii U darling Rayman Legends was being delayed to September to launch alongside versions being built for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's totally understandable from a business perspective, but it only means that the Wii U's game library is going to remain dried up and devoid of anything resembling quality until March 18's release of LEGO City Undercover and March 19's release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Until then, we're stuck with a bundle that only highlights the fantastic launch of the Wii U. It does little to remedy the Wii U's now barren launch window, but the Nintendo faithful have only to wait until Spring when the deluge of quality games start to hit retail once again. Those buying the bundle can have fun waiting with us.

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