Nintendo Announces Virtual Console for the Wii U


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During today's Nintendo Direct, the game company announced that the Virtual Console will be coming to the Wii U. Not all games found on the Wii Virtual Console will be available at launch, but the selection will no doubt quickly increase.

The Wii U Virtual console will also feature cloud saves for games and the ability to play Virtual Console games on the GamePad. A selection of NES and SNES games will be available at launch, but GameBoy Advance titles will also be added in the future.

Unfortunately, Wii owners will not be able to transfer their existing Virtual Console games to the Wii U. However, games owned on the Wii Virtual Console will be available for special pricing through the Wii U. Re-buying a game already purchased on Wii will cost $1 for NES titles, and $1.50 for SNES titles. Normal pricing on the Wii U will be the same as on the Wii.

To promote the Virtual Console on the Wii U, Nintendo is going to be offering trial purchases for specific for 30 cents. Starting this month, a new trial game will be available for 30 days. After 30 days, games purchased at the trial price can be players can be re-bought at the reduced price. The first game to be released is Balloon Fight, but F-Zero, Punch Out, Kirby's Adventure, Super Metroid, a Yoshi game, and a Donkey Kong game will be coming later, in that order.