Nina Dobrev Talks Love And Dating

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You might think someone as beautiful as Nina Dobrev would have no trouble dating. The young actress says that dating is just as difficult and awkward for her at times as it is everyone else.

She recently opened up about some of her past dates. She offered details about one date in particular and explained why it didn't work out for her.

"I went on a date once with a police officer, unbeknownst to me," she explained. "I thought he was a regular guy. And when I found out that he was a police officer...I wasn't so into it. I got paranoid that I would illegally cross the street and get a ticket for jay walking. I thought he was gonna arrest me every five seconds, so it obviously didn't go anywhere after that...Even when I'm not doing something wrong, when there's a police officer [around], I suddenly feel guilty for nothing."

Dobrev went on to say that she doesn't date often but people expect her to because of her looks and status. When she isn't seen dating someone, people tend to make up rumors that she is dating someone she isn't.

Dobrev said that it is one thing for strangers to ponder the rumors but another for her close friends and family members to do it. Unfortunately, she admitted that this sometimes happen and that rumors are a major concern for her.

"If all of my personal friends that know me so well are texting me and asking me and calling me, if they're believing it, then I couldn't imagine what everyone else in the world is believing," she explained.

Dobrev went on to joke about the rumors and said that it's not uncommon for her to be linked to more than 10 guys at a time. She said most of the rumors concerning her love life are ridiculous and she hopes that most people are smart enough to realize they are not true.

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