Nina Dobrev Dating 'Vampire Diaries' Co-Star Chris Wood For Real or Just a Publicity Stunt?

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Nina Dobrev is reportedly casually dating her Vampire Diaries co-star Chris Wood, although some reports claim it's just a publicity stunt to garner ratings for the floundering show.

According to Hollywood Life, Dobrev, 25, and Wood, who plays Kai on VD, have reportedly been dating, although it's not serious at this point.

“They are great friends who have hooked up on the recent times they have been out together but they are not currently looking to start a relationship. They are both very cool about it and it has not ruined working with each other or caused any issues,” a source told the magazine.

Fans seem to be thrilled that Dobrev has found someone to hang out with, especially following the break-up with another co-star, Ian Somerhalder, after a three-year relationship. They have taken to Twitter to share their excitement, dubbing the new couple "WoodBrev."

One has to worry if this new development between Dobrev and Wood, 26, is causing even more tension on the set. There have already been reports that Dobrev has been upset whenever Somerhalder's new love, Nikki Reed, shows up on set, which has led to feuding between the former couple.

Things got downright nasty once Somerhalder moved Nikki Reed down to Atlanta, Georgia, with him where The Vampire Diaries is filmed.

Dobrev, in turn, started dating Ian Somerhalder’s good friend Mark Foster of Foster the People fame.

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Inquisitr reported that Dobrev and Somerhalder may be using the media in perpetuating drama to draw publicity for The Vampire Diaries, which is currently in Season Six and losing momentum in the ratings.

What do you all think? For real or publicity stunt?

Pam Wright