Nina Dobrev Makes the Ice Bucket Challenge Hot

Pam WrightLife

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Nina Dobrev can make anything she does look hot — even dumping a bucket-load of ice water over her head.

The Vampire Diaries star is just the latest in a world gone ice-bucket crazy to say yes to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

You all know the premise. If you accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — a rather brilliant social media-driven fundraiser that brings awareness to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's Disease — you either dump a bucket of ice water over your head within 24 hours of being challenged, or you donate $100 to ALS, or both. After the challenge is completed, you post the video of the ice dumping to social media, nominating three others to take the challenge, and so on.

Dobrev took the challenge standing in the sun, on a boat, wearing little more than a skimpy black bikini.

Told you — Hot.

You wanna stop reading and start watching, right?

OK, here are two videos Dobrev posted on her Instagram page:

In the first post, she captions the video: "Thank you to everyone for challenging me to do the #icebucketchallenge to raise awareness for #ALS and I nominate @juleshough @riawnacapri @derekhough And on behalf of @eli_miz I nominate @caradelevingne"

She nominated friends Riawna Capri, and Julianne and Derek Hough.

In the second post, she captions the video: "Challenge accepted. If you're gonna go in , you gotta go ALLLLLLL in. #ALS"

Derek quickly responded to Dobrev's challenge, posting his video on his Instagram, with the caption: "#ALS #icebucketchallenge Had to improvise in my hotel room . I accept @markballas @mariamenounos @ninadobrev and apparently @mistyonpointe challenged me so I guess I better do another one . I'll have my nominees later."

Check out Capri's unique Ice Bucket Challenge video on her Instagram page, captioned: "#ALS #Challenge #Accepted @ninadobrev, tough act to follow, but I think im right there with ya #countrystyle! #NoYacht #NoMotor #RowBoat thanks again @ilariaurbinati I now nominate @nikkilee901 @kellanlutz @amyschumer (Kellan, we all agree you need to do it with your shirt off, and Amy, you might as well too...) Thank you @morganbeau, creative director, who accidentally completed this challenge while filming and saving my phone from drowning. #shegotmoresoakedthanme"

No word yet on Derek's sister, Julianne.

Ah, that was refreshing.

Pam Wright