Nigella Lawson: Is Her Ex-Hubby Trying To Ruin Her?

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After word spread that Nigella Lawson was stopped from boarding a U.S. bound flight, many felt confused, and thought the United States was being unnecessarily harsh.

Allegedly, Lawson was stopped because she admitted to using cocaine during a court trial involving her two former assistants.

However, there seems to be much more to the story, because according to Lawson's friends, her ex-husband, Charles Saatchi , is behind the failed flight and he's trying to seek revenge for having his name trashed for allegedly choking the TV personality.

"Her friends are absolutely convinced there was something more to this," said one of Lawson's friends in an interview with the British newspaper Sunday People. "The view is that someone, perhaps her ex-husband, had tipped of the U.S. authorities."

And these accusations don't only come from Lawson's pals, she herself said that she fears Saatchi, and has a feeling that he's in payback mode and wants to destroy her. She also still feels trapped by him, say her friends, despite the couple divorcing back in 2013.

"Nigella has said several times that she believes Saatchi is out to ruin her," said a Sunday People source. "Clearly, she puts nothing past him. This is a dreadful situation. She feels she will never get away from him."

Last month, the brunette beauty opened up about her tough 2013, and she tearfully admitted that the tabloid stories have hurt her, but they've also made her stronger.

She also said that she's way more empathetic to other celebrities who have faced similar situations, however, she never felt that way until last year. "I'm not an innocent, I understand how it works," said Lawson in an interview on British television.

"I just don't involve myself. I don't speak and don't comment. I could say things and be indiscreet but I don't want to.....the real truth is if you don't read things and don't get too involved it doesn't enter your bloodstream. If it doesn't enter your bloodstream you are not contaminated."

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