Nicole Scherzinger Prepares for New Album with 'Your Love'

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As a judge on the UK version of The X-Factor, Nicole Scherzinger spent two years with the British public. She loved every moment of it. However, Scherzinger wants to get back to recording music. Recently, she announced that she is not returning for a third season of the singing contest. In February it became official that Scherzinger signed a 4.5 million dollar multi-album deal with Sony/RCA Records.

Scherzinger collaborated with producers The Dream and Tricky Stewart on the new album, set to release later this year.

The album's first single, "Your Love," will be available for purchase on July 13 in the UK. Scherzinger claims the track is more "poppy" than other singles on the album. The other songs have an "urban-pop" sound. In June, Scherzinger debuted the video for the single. It shows her frolicking on the beach, which she told the DigitalSpy that it "comes natural" to her. "It's the reason why we shot it on the beach. We took it back to my roots. I was in my element with the sun, the ocean and the sand. What really inspired me was Janet Jackson's video for 'Love Will Never Do,'" stated the former Pussycat Dolls singer.

She revealed to the DailyMail some of her tricks and secrets to keeping in shape for the video.  Scherzinger doesn't deprive herself of food cravings, but eats everything in moderation. She also said that she exercises a lot and never eats late.

Running works so well for me. I get my best ideas when I run, it's great for me. It strengthens my mind and puts me in the best state of mind. I get my ideas for what I want to do on stage and my music when I run. I prefer doing it in the morning, first thing. Even if I just manage to squeeze in twenty minutes. I do Soul Cycle classes in LA and bikram yoga and then interval training 3-4 times per week. My body starts to crave the endorphins if I don't work out," Scherzinger shared.

Scherzinger told Attitude Magazine that, "The album’s not finished. I mean, it’s finished, but it’s not totally done until it comes out in October.” This is her second solo album, and her first one in three years.

Image via Nicole Scherzinger, Instagram

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