Nicole Richie Shares 4-Year-Old Self With Fans

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Nicole Richie posted one of the most adorable Christmas photos of the entire 2013 holiday season on her Instagram page. Featuring herself at 4 years old, the photo is absolutely precious. Sitting in front of some beautiful Christmas decorations, little Nicole is all decked out in a red Christmas dress, white tights and black patent leather Mary Janes. Her long curly hair cascades down to her shoulders and the expression on her face says, "Don't mess with me," and "Yes, I know I'm cute."

Just a few weeks ago, Nicole Richie shared the Christmas traditions she and her family love.

"We are pretty traditional in this department. We go as a family to pick a tree, Joel and I argue about getting the tree delivered because he doesn't want to pay the fee, we decorate it as a family while listening to holiday music," she said. "I want Christmas to be the magical fantasy for my children that it was for me.

A magical Christmas fantasy is shared with all of her fans in this throwback photo, captioned very simply, "Christmas, 1985."

Many celebrities have shared priceless holiday cards this Christmas season, but few can capture what a 4-year-old Nicole Richie captured with that one impish expression on her face. Even though Christmas 2013 has come and gone, this memory will last in fan's minds for a bit longer this holiday season. Now 32, Nicole doesn't have that cherub's face any longer. It will be hard to look at her, however, and not remember that little girl.

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