Nicole Richie: New Hair, New Candidly Nicole Season


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Nicole Richie has never been one for subtlety, especially when it comes to her style.

For a while now, Richie has been sporting a lavender dye job.

She recently decided that she was over the lavender shade and dyed her hair a bright blue color instead.

Richie’s decision to dye her hair came at her daughter’s request.

She said that after dyeing her hair lavender, she didn’t feel any different from when she was blonde and admitted that the dye job was a spur of the moment decision and something she wasn’t sure if she would keep for long.

Richie debuted her blue hair color this week and shared photos of it on Instagram. She appeared on several morning television shows to talk about her new VH1 series Candidly Nicole and wore her new blue hairstyle pulled back into a neat updo.

Her blue bangs were styled across her forehead.


The new season of Candidly Nicole will premiere on July 17. The reality show follows Nicole as she hilariously discusses issues that are affecting the world. Nicole pretends to be interested in hot topics, but discusses them in a comical way. The show allows Nicole to be herself and show off her fun and sometimes unique sense of humor.

Richie hasn’t said if her daughter approves of the new hair color or which one she prefers herself.

As often as she likes to change her look, it's not likely that Richie will keep the blue hair for long.

What do you think of Nicole Richie's hair and overall style?

Image via Wikimedia Commons