Nicole Murphy Moving On With Gary Payton?

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Nicole Murphy has allegedly already moved on from her fiance of five years, Michael Strahan. The statuesque beauty was seen out Thursday at The Pump Group VIP Cocktail Reception at W Hollywood with former NBA star Gary Payton.

And Nicole Murphy didn't seem very broken up. Instead, her face was lit up and she was smiling. She seemed to be having a great time with Payton and didn't let her recent breakup get her down.

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan met in 2007 right after her 2006 divorce from ex-husband Eddie Murphy (hence her stint on Hollywood Exes).

Michael Strahan was divorced from his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 2006 as well.

Nicole Murphy's sudden breakup with Michael Strahan was a surprise to some, but not those closest to the couple.

One source said, "They've been having problems for two years and have been off and on throughout. Him dating someone would come as no surprise to Nicole [Murphy]."

Well, Nicole Murphy may be already moving on, but Michael Strahan is reportedly just enjoying being single and recovering. A source said that on Tuesday, “The newly single, hall-of-famer was at STK Downtown, enjoying drinks and a low-key evening. Despite recent press, he appeared in good spirits, laughing and talking throughout the night.”

One of those accompanying Strahan on his Nicole Murphy-free night out was his female trainer. While there was some speculation as to the relationship between him and his trainer, the insider insists that Michael Strahan “is not dating his trainer, nor were they seen being romantic.”

While Nicole Murphy seems to be in a hurry to bag her next man, Strahan seems to be taking things slow. However, it won't be long until someone snatches him up.

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