Nicole Kidman Does Revealing Photo Shoot For Jimmy Choo

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Nicole Kidman is appearing in some racy ads for Jimmy Choo this month, showing off her gams and toned stomach in the gorgeous photos.

The stunning actress wowed her bosses with the shoot, which emphasized her ivory skin almost more than it did the shoes and bags.

"I love Nicole Kidman's openness to embracing a new character and each season she transforms into a new personality that embodies the spirit of the collection," creative director Sandra Choi said in a statement. "Her poses are striking yet unexpected and her natural beauty is mesmerizing. She exudes feminine confidence and there's a palpable sense of energy to the pictures."

Kidman says she enjoyed doing the shoot and loved the way the photos came out.

"It was fun to shoot new and surprising perspectives, it felt a little bit daring dangerous, I loved the minimal styling and how the shoes and bags became like a sensual second skin to me,” Kidman said.

The actress and her family paid a surprise visit to their homeland for the holidays, keeping the Australian press on their toes; the couple had daughters Sunday and Faith in tow and looked every inch as close as they've described themselves in the past.

“We found each other in this huge world and we’re crazy about each other, she said. “And we now have this family that we’ve gotten to experience in our 40s. I’m so glad to have met my mate. The person that kind of protects me and loves me. He’s a good bloke," Kidman said in a 2011 interview.

You can see photos from the shoot here.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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