Nicole Kidman Dedicates Best Actress Award to Late Father In Emotional Speech

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Nicole Kidman honored her late father Sunday in an emotional speech as she accepted the Best Actress award at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London.

During the speech, she offered a heartfelt dedication to her late father, who died in September 2014.

The 48-year-old actress was recognized for her performance in Photograph 51, in which she portrayed Rosalind Franklin, one of the scientists who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA.

Ironically, her real-life father, Dr. Antony Kidman, was also a scientist.

“This is my way of acknowledging him, but also of acknowledging people in science who quietly go about their work and do things and go unacknowledged a lot of the time,” Kidman said in her speech. “He knew I was going to do it, so I would like to think he is somewhere offering support.”

Nicole Kidman also shared a little known secret about herself during the speech, revealing that she kneels before a photograph of her late father before every performance.

“I did this for him,” she said. “He would give me the strength to do this every night.”

Us Weekly reports that Nicole Kidman's father was a clinical psychologist at the Royal North Shore Hospital and a director of health psychology at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. His work focused on the psychosocial implications of breast cancer for patients.

Dr. Kidman died at the age of 75 after falling in a hotel in Singapore.

Pam Wright