Nicole Kidman and Family Stun The Australian Press


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The paparazzi were going crazy when Oscar winner Nicole Kidman and her Grammy award winning husband Keith Urban showed up in Australia last week. The couple was in their native homeland to celebrate the holidays with their families and to honor Kidman's parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

With their two precious daughters in tow--Sunday age 5 and Faith who will be 3 on the Dec. 28--the Kidmans looked like a hip royal couple, making fans and the Australian media stand at attention and take notice.

Urban showed up in a fitted blue suit and a cool looking pair of designer sunglasses, playing the role of rock star and rad-dad all in one. While Kidman sported a beautiful off-white floral number, looking appropriately summery, as the current temperature in Australia is about 23 degrees Celsius, which is about 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Little Faith was also decked out in a sparkly silver dress, nearly stealing the shine away from her famous parents, who have now been married for almost 8 years. While older daughter Sunday wore a cute gold sequin dress that was equally sparkly and attention grabbing.

The handsome family looked very close knit, which both parents have confirmed in past interviews.

In a 2011 chat with E! Online, Kidman said she couldn't believe that she and Urban met so late in life, and she never thought she'd get another chance to start a new family.

"We found each other in this huge world and we're crazy about each other, she said. "And we now have this family that we've gotten to experience in our 40s. I'm so glad to have met my mate. The person that kind of protects me and loves me. He's a good bloke."

And Urban said that his life began after meeting Kidman in 2005, and before then he was kind of lost. "I wouldn't say it was a life-changing moment because it was more than that," he said in an interview with the UK publication Mirror Online.

"It was when my life started. That's the only way I can describe it. Meeting Nic was that profound for me. Before then I didn't really know what I was doing. Now I know exactly what I'm doing and it all makes sense. I feel very, very fortunate that I've met somebody like Nic and we share the same kind of ideology."

Image via Wikimedia Commons