Nicola Griffin Is 56 And Still Hot, Added To Sports Illustrated 2016 Swimwear Lineup

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Sports Illustrated 2016 Swimwear Issue is making a powerful statement in its upcoming issue. As part of the Swimsuits for All ad, the magazine announced that it will be featuring plus-size model and body activist Ashley Graham as one of its five rookies. Sticking to its advocacy, the magazine also added a 56-year-old model to its lineup.

Nicola Griffin, 56, will be featured in an ad for Swimsuits for All’s #SwimSexy campaign in an effort to promote body positivity.

“I hope that women take away from this campaign that you can look fantastic at any size, any shape,” Griffin said on the Swimsuits for All website, encouraging women to embrace their own beauty, and body.

The model also added: “Healthy, happy, glowing at no matter what age you are, what size you are, just looking good, feeling good.”

She began her modeling career three years ago, after a casting appearance for a British hair product which required someone with silver hair.

“It's not all about being 20 and five-foot-ten. We're bored of that!” Griffin, who has been featured in campaigns for Anna Scholz and FabuLift recently shared to the Daily Mail. “We are all different ages and sizes and that's the beauty of it. We're real women,” she explained.

In her interview with E! Online the model revealed that this is the first time she wore a bikini and she felt “empowered” and “sexy.”

Nicola Griffin, Ashley Graham, and another plus-sized model, Philomena Kwao, are featured wearing gold bikini in their sexy pictorial with the brand.

Nicola Griffin Joins Two Other Models for 'Swimsuits For All'

Nicola Griffin also admitted that she was nervous when she posed with the younger models. She said she was worried about what they would do with her until she was put in a gold bikini. Griffin was happy that her children were all supportive of her decision.

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