Nicky Hilton Lunches With Iraqi Author Before Wedding [Pics]

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Nicky Hilton may be a name that trips of the tongues of tabloid watchers in America, perhaps due to her association with sister Paris Hilton, who has been an occasional reality TV personality for years. But Nicky Hilton has forged her own identity in the fashion world, although she has been a guest star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now Nicky Hilton is set to marry this week. Her wedding, and the man she will marry, speaks more to her heritage as heiress to Conrad Hilton than anything the tabloids may offer. And so does the company she keeps.

While Americans are used to treating Kardashians like royalty, Nicky Hilton will be married at Kensington Palace on Friday. Her partner and husband-to-be is James Rothschild, son of Amschel Rothschild, a financier with a pedigree among bankers.

In the days before her wedding in London, Nicky Hilton has been seen running last-minute errands in Mayfair with her mother and sister in tow.

Today she posted a photo to Instagram featuring herself with sister Paris and close family friend Rena Sindi.

So much fun at girls lunch. Thank you @RenaLondon!

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That is a name not nearly as familiar to tabloid audiences in the U.S. If you try to check out Rena Sindi's Instagram account, you will find it private.

Sindi is an Iraq-born author and socialite who built a reputation for herself as throwing the most exclusive parties in New York. Her own wedding in 2012 to fiancier Markam Abboud was attended by the bluest of chips in the world of wealth, including Nicky Hilton's own parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton.

In 2002, Sindi published Be My Guest, a photographic diary of her celebrated events. Interestingly, the book shares the same title as Nicky Hilton's grandfather's classic book about his hotel empire, Be My Guest.

Now Rena Sindi is lunching with Nicky Hilton on the eve of her wedding.

This is not the first marriage for Nicky Hilton. In 2004, Hilton slipped to Las Vegas on a whim to marry childhood friend Todd Andrew Meister at the The marriage was annulled nearly three months later. Now Hilton is marrying as one would expect.

Rothschild gave Nicky Hilton a large diamond Asscher cut engagement ring in April of last year. Nicky went about her usual fashion business, still not having planned much for her wedding as of October.

"I haven't planned a thing for my wedding," she said at the time. "I've been too busy."

Someone certainly did some planning, perhaps Nicky's mother?

"I just got back from New York and as soon as I landed in LA my mom was there with all this wedding planning material. She had tear outs and inspiration boards and was ready to talk wedding planning. But I am not there yet, I have not made one decision so far. I haven't even picked a date or a wedding planner. I have been busy with my book."

Eventually, Nicky got in on the act, flying back and forth to get things ready for the wedding.

"It’s in London so it can be tricky planning a wedding in London from New York," she commented. "I’m going to be going over there in two weeks, there’s a lot of back and forth."


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