Nicki Minaj Posts Topless Selfies [PHOTOS]


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Rapper Nicki Minaj isn't one that you would call shy, would you?

Because both her music and her overall brand is a mixture of in-your-face raunchiness and Barbie doll like femininity, so it's probably not shocking she posted a bunch of sexy selfies on her Instagram account for the second time in recent months.

But what may be shocking is the fact that she took those selfies inside of her shower naked, with no makeup on and she had no problem sending them out to her millions of followers.

Most of us know that Minaj is a big fashion diva who always likes to look like she's either going to or leaving some sort of big Hollywood event.

And sometimes she chooses to go the Lady Gaga route and dress in completely weird and wild outfits. Do you remember what she wore at the 2011 Grammy Awards? She looked like a leopard crawling around in some jungle somewhere. Not to mention the two foot hairdo she sported that night.

So it's kind of a shock that she would reveal photos looking so everyday and regular, because big time fashion divas simply don't do that, but you probably won't hear too many complaints from the rapper's male fans--that's for sure.

One photo shows Minaj's back to the camera, as she looks off into the distance. Another image shows the 31 year old facing the camera, exposing a lot of cleavage, and the third photo shows a side profile and it's the only image where Minaj is wearing a big playful smile.

What's also interesting about the Instagram pics is the fact that Minaj looks a lot younger without makeup, so it seems all that makeup she usually wears completely changes the look of her face, and makes her look at least five to six years older.

But it's safe to assume Minaj didn't post the photos to show she can go makeup free or to appear natural, she probably posted them to be a little daring and to drive some of her fans completely wild, and based on most of the Instagram comments, it looks like her plan worked.

Image via Wikimedia Commons