Nicki Minaj Makes Cancer Patient's Wish Come True

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Washington Wizard point guard John Wall is known for his amazing speed, his jumping ability and making nifty passes, but it was his assist at helping a young cancer patient that's getting him a lot of attention these days.

Earlier this month, Wall sent out an Instagram post asking his followers to help Damiyah Telemaque-Nelson meet Nicki Minaj. Sadly, Telemaque-Nelson, who's 5, was diagnosed with cancer.

"I want to meet Nicki Minaj," Telemaque-Nelson asked her mother, who said she'd try but couldn't make any promises.

Afterwards, Wall caught wind of the 5 year old's request and started a digital campaign. He also posted a photo of himself sitting next to Telemaque-Nelson. "Fans I need your help to get my buddy Miyah's wish granted," read the Instagram post.

"She's a 5 year old battling cancer and her wish is to meet Nicki Minaj and get one of her pink wings. I need your help. Comment on this photo. Let's get Miyah one of Nicki's pink wings."

And the post worked, because not too long afterwards Minaj saw it and responded. "Hi Miyah," wrote Minaj. "Let's see what we can come up with for a pretty little princess."

Although the official meeting between the Queens rapper and Telemaque-Nelson hasn't happened yet, Wall is already being called a hero and a great guy for stepping in and being so caring. He said all of the celebrities and important people he knows means nothing if he can't contact them to help others.

"I had an opportunity with my celebrity status, knowing people that know people, to help this girl's dream come true," said Wall in a recent interview. "I knew [Minaj] had a caring heart, and when she had an opportunity to see it or read about it, I knew she'd reach out as soon as she could."

But Wall isn't comfortable taking all the credit. He said without the fans help Telemaque-Nelson's wish would have never come true. "I just thank my fans, everybody who retweeted it and reposted it," said Wall. "To give me the opportunity to make this girl's wish come true, and we'll try to make it happen."

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