Nick Offerman Reads Inane Tweets, Does Yard Work

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By all accounts, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman doesn't just play a man's man on Television, but is truly a man's man in real life. His on-screen role, Ron Swanson, one of the best characters on TV, is a mustached man who loves guns, outdoor activities of all types, and breakfast foods. In real life, Offerman is a skilled woodworker who makes boats and furniture. One the interwebs, his persona has become a meme for all things simple, right, and manly.

So if Offerman was to, I don't know, read some particularly inana tweets from some teen starlets, that would be funny right? What if you had him read this social media drivel while chopping wood, among other manly activities? Double funny, right?

Right. And that's what you get with Team Coco's new segment, Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities.

Check it out below:

While this sketch is funny and everything, something about the way he reads those tweets really makes the ridiculousness of it all hit home. Twitter is a wonderful medium for real-time reporting and the fast flow of information. It's almost a shame that most people are more interested in the fact that Miley Cyrus can't stop eating walnuts. Oh well, I don't want to be a spoilsport.

Earlier, we told you about a study into what kind of tweets have impact on the site. The majority of people say that tweets like the ones in the sketch are simply not worth reading. And if some random person told you about their imminent socks party, that might be the case. But in the world of celebrity fascination, that's just the stuff people want to hear from them. We all just have to accept that.

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