Nick Nolte Cast in BroadChurch Remake

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Nick Nolte officially signed on to join the cast of the Fox network's Broadchurch remake.The remake is titled Gracepoint, and it's set for a 2014/2015 premiere.This probably means that Gracepoint could appear on Fox as early as the fall 2014 television season.

In the original Broadchurch,David Tennant and Olivia Colman play lead investigators in a case about a 11-year old who is murdered in a small town. The  murder brings out the darker side to the town. The townspeople's secrets start to emerge because of it. Colman's character,DS Ellie Miller,is a local of the town and has ties to the murdered boy.Tennant plays the out-of-town investigator,DI Alec Hardy. He is called into the town to help with the case.Many Americans became aware of Broadchurch when it aired on BBC America earlier this year.

Nolte plays Jack Reinhold,who owns the kayak rental near the beach. He also owns the local wildlife observation program. The murdered boy, Danny, volunteered at the observation program until his death. Deadline describes Jack as being "stubborn"and'willful."Nolte's Gracepoint character is similar to David Bradley's Jack Marshall in Broadchurch. 

Gracepoint currently is being released as a 10-hour miniseries. However, the original Broadchurch received a second season pickup on it's original channel ITV. Therefore, if the show is a success, there is a chance Fox may expand the series for another season, or a 22-episode series. Previously, other cast members that were announced included Tennant, who reprises his original role, Anna Gunn, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver, Kevin Rankin,Virginia Kull and Kevin Zegers.

Nolte hasn't appeared on a television series since  his HBO show Luck was canceled in 2012.Nevertheless,he has been remaining busy by appearing in several major motion pictures,which includes the critically acclaimed Gangster Squad. 

According to Variety, production on the show begins in January with Shine America and Kudos being the production companies behind the project.

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