Nick Jonas Talks New Role, New Body

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Nick Jonas was the quiet, smart and sweet Jonas brother, but now he is the tough and buff one. Jonas recently talked about his new role on the television series Kingdom, on which he plays an aspiring MMA fighter.

Jonas had to bulk up to look the part and put on at least 15 pounds of muscle. Nick is no longer the tall and scraggly looking teenager that he used to be and although it was hard to get so buff so quickly, he seems proud of his body and knows that his hard work paid off in more ways than one.

"I gained about 15 pounds of muscle for the role," Jonas said. "I really wanted to look like an animal who internalizes a lot, but when he's in the cage and he's fighting that's when you see this kind of animalistic mentality that he has."

As expected, Nick's brothers had to tease him a little about his new body.

"They were calling me the Hulk and they were poking fun at me a little bit," Jonas admitted.

Nick has since lost some of his muscle but is still in really good shape and says that he still enjoys working out and does it several times a week.

"I started to include more fun activities instead of just going to the gym all the time," Jonas said. "So it's a ton of different sports that I play and traditional workout stuff. I work out with a great trainer and he has a great gym. We do sort of circuit training and strength and conditioning."

Don't worry Nick Jonas fans, he hasn't left his music career behind and he is currently promoting his new single, Chains. He is also working on a new album that will be released soon.

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