Nick Cannon: Why He's A Complete Idiot

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Okay, I'm going to start off by saying this: I think Nick Cannon is an idiot.

He's certainly not an idiot in the business sense, because the guy's pretty successful. And no, he's not an idiot within social realms, because he was able to snag the diva of all divas in Mariah Carey.

And his idiocy doesn't have to do with his level of talent either, because Cannon can be funny at times and he can even be fun to watch on television and in the movies.

But this is where his idiocy lies: The guy just tries too hard to stand out and get attention, which often makes him look foolish. I mean, just look at some of the outfits he chooses to wear.

For example, he'll wear an all-white three-piece suit at a basketball game just to make some sort of statement, but the only statement he actually makes is, 'Hey guys, my whole style is totally contrived and I have no natural ability to be fashionable or appropriately dressed.

And Cannon recently posting photos of himself in white-face is dumb too, but it fits right in with his usual way of going way too far and trying way too hard to get noticed, but that's what a lot of idiots do.

Of course, the 33 year old received a lot of backlash for the white-face stunt, but some might say many of those who claim to be offended aren't really offended at all, meaning they're truly not bothered way down deep about what Cannon did, it's just their opportunity to use the words "double-standard" and "hypocrite," because people love uttering those words whenever they're able to.

But back to Cannon. Again, his idiocy stems from his lack of judgement and trying too hard to shock people, and a perfect example of this is when he went on a Los Angeles radio show recently, and spoke way too much about his sex life with Carey. For some reason he actually spoke about the first time they slept together.

"Our wedding night, honeymoon night, house in the Bahamas [is the first time we had sex]," said Cannon. "That's a real woman right there, make you wait until you're getting married....I'm a pleaser, I went in like 'She's gonna love this.'"

Thanks, Nick. We were all dying to hear about the details of your sex life. Much appreciated.

Hopefully somebody in or near Cannon's camp will tell him to tone it down a bit or just take some time off from being in the public eye and being an idiot. Oh yeah, somebody should tell him to choose better outfits too.

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