Nick Cannon Says He Didn't Cause Amber Rose’s Divorce From Wiz Khalifa

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In the wake of reports last week that Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa are getting divorced, TV host Nick Cannon has been fending off rumors that he is to blame for the couple’s marriage troubles. However, TMZ reported that a source close to Cannon insists that he and his new client have kept their relationship strictly professional. Cannon denies he helped Rose cheat on Khalifa, who has also accused his wife of cheating on him, claims TMZ.

Cannon recently became Rose’s manager and claims that he only found out about her divorce through her lawyers last week when he signed her as a client. It was only then that they reportedly shared break-up stories, since Cannon is also currently going through a divorce with singer Mariah Carey.

“Nick’s not a part of Amber’s relationship with Wiz. He’s got respect for both Amber and Wiz and was shocked when he himself heard the news they were breaking up just like everybody else,” revealed a source to The source added that their relationship was strictly friendship and business, but “more business than anything.” The source also said that Cannon was not giving his client relationship advice and that their conversations were mostly about making money and finding more work for Rose. “Nick’s not a counselor and has his own marital problems that he’s dealing with. Amber is cool, he think she’s a good girl but he’s not trying to put himself in the middle of a breaking marriage like everyone is making it out to be,” said the source.

DailyMail reported that Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa the day after she caught him with another woman at 2 AM. Rose had apparently arrived unannounced at the house Khalifa had moved into after the breakdown of their marriage. According to TMZ, Khalifa had made it clear to Rose that the marriage was over two weeks before the incident and insisted that he wasn’t cheating on her at the time.

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