Nick Cannon Booed Off Knicks Court

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Nick Cannon may be a likable television personality, but that doesn't mean he can just jump onto sacred ground and expect to be welcomed with open arms.

The "America's Got Talent" host was booed off the court when he showed up at a Knicks game to film a segment for the show; the crowd got loud for several minutes while trying to get him away from the Madison Square Garden venue.

Cannon was at the center of some controversy earlier this month when he posted a photo of himself in white face to Instagram; he later said he refused to apologize, even though some people were offended.

"I'm not gonna apologize. I stand firm in my beliefs and I want to challenge society. I'm glad we're having this conversation...people are calling me a marketing genius," the White People Party Music singer said. "I think I was just the lucky person to press the 'controversy button' that week, and it was a slow news day. But I love it because as a comedian it's almost like the great honor -- to cause controversy. I think because of social media nowadays, because everyone has a voice, it's almost like people are ultra-sensitive, because they can voice their opinion and they've been empowered and they're supposed to do this like three times a day."

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