Niagara Falls Frozen, Brave Tourists Abound

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Niagara Falls' frozen wonderland is attracting tourists from all over the nation and even around the world.

People are flocking to see the spectacle of Niagara Falls' frozen upper layers, which still allow water to flow underneath.

In fact, traffic through the Niagara Falls visitor's center is up 67%, according to John Percy, president & CEO of Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation.

Niagara Falls' frozen wonderland is great for tourism now, but Percy thinks the ice could last longer than usual in the spring.

"This will probably be another year where we still have ice in the river in May, " said Percy.

This might not be a big deal, except there are other events scheduled that require Niagara Falls to not be frozen, like Maid of Mist, which begins in April.

But, in the mean time, fans of ice, snow, and winter have a great attraction to get out of the house to see when that cabin fever strikes.

Snow still falls a lot of the time on Niagara Falls' frozen layers, and the mist that escapes from under the ice coats the surrounding trees, benches, and railing in a sparkling crystal layer of winter goodness.

And it looks like Niagara Falls' frozen wonderland will be here to stay for a while for tourists to enjoy. Temperatures were at seven degrees below zero on Friday morning.

That's a good thing for Niagara Falls if the tourists keep rolling in to see it. Would you stand out in miserably cold conditions to see Niagara Falls frozen?

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