NFL Goal Posts To Be Raised, And Other Changes To The NFL


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It has been a debated issue for some time, and after a growing consensus between NFL teams, the league has decided to raise the NFL goal posts. Many teams feel that extra points have become automatic, and something should be done in order to make them more difficult.

Following a meeting between the owners of the NFL, it was decided that the NFL goal posts would be raised 5 feet starting in the 2014 season. In relation to the extra point, it was also proposed that the kicks should be attempted from the 25-yard line, although it did not pass.

Several rule changes were discussed at the meeting of the NFL's owners, and when it came time to vote, a handful of rules passed, while a few did not, and four more were tabled for a later time.

The unsportsmanlike conduct was a hot topic as well, which has caused a lot of problems in recent years with taunting especially. The NFL has been jokingly referred to as the "No Fun League" in recent years due to all of the rule changes that prevent players from celebrations, and are called for all sorts of penalties, and new rules may attempt to lower the number of penalties.

One of the ways some players choose to celebrate, which some may also view as a form of taunting, is simply by dunking the ball over the goal post. This act was also banned, and came off as a huge surprise to both fans and players.

It also seemed like a jab at Jimmy Graham, who was responsible for delaying a game last season in order for the goal posts to be leveled after dunking. St Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was one of the ones in favor of the rule, and said "Last year, we had an incident in one of the games where there was a dunk and the goalpost was tilted. The game was shutdown for about 25 minutes until they could get the goalpost corrected. That's unnecessary."

Aside from the raising of the NFL goal posts, the other rule changes have seen much more favorable results. The league will experiment with extra points kicked from the 20-yard line in the first two weeks of the preseason, and go from there. At one point, it was even proposed that the extra point would be completely eliminated.

Kicking from the 20-yard line would make it about a 37-yard field goal, which is fairly easy for most kickers, although it at least gives them a challenge opposed to the current set up. How do fans feel about the new rules?

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