NFL Draft: A Proposition for Mister Irrelevant


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For football fans, this weekend will be dominated by the NFL Draft, the yearly meat market where teams can stock up on "student-athletes" ready to get paid to crush each other on the field, making their owners even more money than the players. Unbalanced systems aside, perhaps one of the more well known traditions of the NFL Draft has to do with the last player taken.

Because of the small chance the last player picked has to make an NFL roster, said player is usually referred to as "Mister Irrelevant." While the title comes from the expected failure, many players who earned the honor have gone on to have successful NFL careers, of whom, Wikipedia has a short list.

While NFL stars are normally a hit with the groupie crowd--well, any sports star for that matter--this year's Mister Irrelevant, whoever it will be, has an indecent proposal waiting on him, provided by the young lady in the lead video, who, according to, goes by Brianne. Instead of focusing on first round picks like Andrew Luck, RG III and Trent Richardson, Brianne has her sites set on another trophy: Mister Irrelevant.

The proposition is simple: Whoever is this year's Mister Irrelevant earns himself a night, alone, with her. While the projections on who the Indianapolis Colts will pick, barring any unseen trades or other movement that alters the draft board's order, with the 253rd selection remains a mystery, at least the soon-to-be last pick in the draft knows he has options.

The thing is, if whoever the player turns out to be takes Brianne up on her offer, said player might want to interpet the crazy eyes as a warning. Just a thought.

It should be noted the Mister Irrelevant proposition has become something of a viral hit, accumulating almost 180,000 views. Needless to say, the reaction has been kind of harsh, but then again, what do expect from YouTube comments? For example, the top-rated content:

Holy crap those eyes have crazy bitch written all over them.

Cicuto1 11 hours ago

Obviously, I'm not the only one who sees it. It should be noted that's one of the more tame responses. Some of them, fueled by Internet anonymity, no doubt, are going for the more explicit style of language.

Thoughts? Comments? Would you hook up with someone who propositioned you via a YouTube video?