NFL Cheerleader: 40 And Doing Something For Herself

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NFL cheerleaders are typically lean, bronzed, and impossibly young and full of energy. Many of them have been at it for years by the time they're able to do it professionally, putting in long hours of practice and workouts to stay in good shape. But one woman who was just accepted to cheer for the New Orleans Saints has all that, plus a couple of things the others don't: two children and a kidney disease.

40-year old Kriste Lewis says that as a mom, she's spent years devoting her time and energy to her family. Now, with the knowledge that her kidneys will at some point require her to have a transplant, she's doing something just for herself.

“Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with polysistic kidney disease. Eventually my kidneys will shut down [and] I will be in need of dialysis and in need of a transplant … That had a lot to do with me auditioning as well. I didn’t want to waste a day...I think as moms we are hard-wired to give and we give and we give and we give. I think it’s important to think back [to] what made you excited as a child," Lewis said.

Lewis has undoubtedly been working hard in training with the other women on the team, and they'll show off their skills in September at the Superdome.

"I cannot wait for us to run out for the first time and we run out on that field," Lewis said.

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