Nexus One Sales Of 5-6 Million Units Forecast


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Google's given its presentation, tech reviewers have had their say, and, after months of buildup, the Nexus One should soon start appearing in the real world.  So how - in a sales sense - will it fare?  According to a Barclays Capital analyst, the Nexus One will be a rather hot item.

Google Nexus OneIn a note released this morning, Doug Anmuth indicated that Google might sell 5 or 6 million units in 2010, generating incremental revenue of between $2.6 billion and $3.2 billion.  Which would appear to make for a pretty great debut; it should go without saying that tons of companies would kill for those numbers.

Indeed, to put the data into perspective, John Paczkowski pointed out, "Motorola's (MOT) 2010 global smartphone shipments are expected to be somewhere around 13 million units."  Also, 6 million Nexus Ones sold in a year works out to about 16,400 finding new homes every day.

Still, to look at even bigger picture, Barclays predicted in September that at least 7 million iPhones will sell in just the first quarter of 2010.  Plus there's little hope that Google will make much of a profit off the Nexus One, however many units it sells.

At least it'll be an interesting story to watch.  Google's already gone in an unusual direction by promoting the Nexus One on its typically-spartan homepage.

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