Next-Gen Xbox to Feature an "Innovative" Controller [RUMOR]


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Not much has been revealed about Microsoft's upcoming next-generation Xbox console since the rumor back in September that the device might be delayed due to manufacturing difficulties. In fact, not much has been revealed about the console since the massive leak of a Microsoft planning document back in June.

Now, the upcoming Xbox World magazine issue is devoting several pages to all of the rumors surrounding the next-gen Xbox, and have included a mock-up of what the console could look like (seen above). CVG managed to nab an interview with Xbox World Editor in Chief Dan Dawkins, who slipped them a few rumors that hadn't been revealed yet.

The new console will evidently take a page from the Apple playbook and simply be called the Xbox. It will come with Blu-ray capabilities, directional audio, and the Kinect 2.0. Current developer kits for the console have a quad-core CPU and 8GB of RAM.

One very interesting detail revealed in the CVG report is that the new Xbox will feature an "innovative" controller. While this could simply refer to new motion controls being included in with the classic Xbox controller design, it's safe to say that gamers could be worried that Microsoft will try to re-invent the current, perfectly good, controller design. The Wii U GamePad may be an innovative controller, but it's unlikely that Xbox gamers will want to use something that heavy for the type of multiplayer gaming the Xbox is famous for.

(Image via CVG)