News Anchor Doesn't Know His Mic Is Still Live

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There have been many, many instances of news anchors forgetting themselves and letting an F-bomb slip, or fumbling over their words and accidentally broadcasting a euphemism for a body part to their entire viewing area. But sometimes, a reporter will do us all a favor and forget that their mic is still on, resulting in hilarity (and possibly a firing).

That's what happened to Wichita anchor Justin Kraemer, an award-winning journalist who just happens to curse like a sailor. Kraemer let his viewers know exactly how he felt about being done for the night during a recent broadcast, leading to some comparisons to Ron Burgundy.

Will Ferrell actually anchored a real newscast in North Dakota recently as part of a marketing campaign for "Anchorman 2", which quickly went viral.

Image: YouTube

Amanda Crum
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