Newborn Twins Cuddle During First Bath - Video


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A video of two newborn twins being bathed for the first time has become a web sensation. In the video, two newborn twins are seen holding each other tightly while asleep in their bath tub. What is just as amazing as their inseparable bond is how calm they seem in the bath tub. Many babies, especially newborns, do not like being bathed, but the brother and sister duo seem to be completely relaxed through it all.


The bath tub, it turns out, is the reason behind the video. It was designed by midwife Sonia Rochel and is called 'The Thalasso Baby Spa.' Rochel created the film to show how relaxing the spa really can be for babies and how much it imitates the womb.

Rochel says that one of the reasons the infants held onto each other so tightly is because her spa is so much like the womb, that babies will make the same movements that they do inside the womb. This also allows them to be so relaxed and makes bath time easier for both babies and their parents. She said she was not surprised at their reaction and even expected it.


The twins in the film were only a few days old during their first bath and their mother has asked that their identities remain private. Rochel is a grandmother of size and said that she thought up the idea for the spa while in the shower one day. She did not expect the video would be such a hit.

Image from YouTube.