Newborn Left On Beach Rescued By Passerby

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A newborn baby girl was found naked and crying in the sand on a beach in Honolulu on Sunday, having just been born possibly moments earlier.

The baby was discovered by a woman who had just arrived at the beach and heard screaming down by the water. As she got closer, the screaming stopped and she could hear a baby crying, but there was no one else around. The infant was taken to the hospital, where she was closely examined and declared healthy at 8 pounds, but as of now no one has come forward to claim her. According to Hawaii law, prosecution can be avoided if an infant is left in the care of a hospital or with fire/police services. Since the baby was left on the beach, officials are investigating and will prosecute if the mother is found.

If the child isn't claimed within a week, the Department of Human Services will file a petition to ask for custody and will eventually release a photo of her in the hopes that family will come forward.

Amanda Crum
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