New Years Eve Duo, Amazing Skyrim Violin Cover, and Eyebrow Skills


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Today, we feature Mitt Romney telling us his plan to put advertisements on Big Bird, witness some awesome eyebrow skills, and check out new footage from The Avengers in a russian made trailer. Enjoy!

It's all in russian, but that makes it pretty enjoyable actually. Plus, there's brand new footage left out of the American version.

A talented violin player, Jason Yang, plays a couple of amazing Skyrim song covers. Help him get more views than Rebecca Black.

Ok, I'm sure there's a larger point he's making here, but if we knew it then this wouldn't be nearly as funny.

I feel a bit creepy explaining this video. It's of a man playing a game on the 3DS which uses its gyro-scope to allow players to look anywhere in the game. This man, well, let's just say he's not looking for anything nice.

Let's leave the land of the creepy, and enter the adorable. I like to think this just randomly happened while they were hanging out and eating Christmas leftovers.

I've always been jealous of people that can move their eyebrows independently; this young girl takes that talent to the next level.