New Xbox One Update Rolling Out Now


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Over the past two months Microsoft has been quickly releasing updates for the Xbox One, bringing the new console many of the features that gamers were promised when the system was revealed. The pace of the updates was somewhat quickened by the release of Titanfall, the multiplayer shooter that Microsoft has put quite a bit of its hopse of the Xbox One into.

The latest of these updates is now rolling out to Xbox One owners. The update brings a few essential features for specific customers, a few software upgrades for Xbox One peripherals, and even some updates that had been promised for previous software patches.

One of the biggest features coming in the latest update is the ability for the Xbox One's Blu-ray player to support 50Hz video output. This is key for a large portion of European Xbox One owners. The Xbox One's Blu-ray player app will also receive an update soon to support this feature.

Microsoft has also updated the Xbox One's system software to include a game save progress bar, surfacing the status of game saves. The system will also now show which games or apps are currently updating.

Another huge usability feature included in this update is the ability for the Xbox One console to automatically reboot after receiving a system update while in "Instant On" mode. Previously customers were forced to restart the console themselves when they turned on the console and discovered an update had been downloaded. The new feature can be enabled in the console's system settings.

In addition to these changes, Microsoft has brought several smaller software updates. The console's friends list has been updates to surface which friends are in multiplayer sessions and notifications can now pop up when friends or favorites log in to Xbox Live. Improvements to the Xbox One's new Kinect are also included in the update, which should improve the peripheral's reliability and, according to Microsoft, will reduce false positive gestures that were being read from "non-hand objects."