New 'Titanfall' Previews Reveal New Titans

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Though the hype surrounding upcoming Xbox (and PC) exclusive Titanfall hasn't seemed to match the gameplay previewed so far, developer Respawn is finally unveiling a few details just months ahead of the game's March 11 release date.

This weekend EA and Respawn used the VGX Awards to debut two new previews of Titanfall. The previews use the conceit of an in-game robotics company named Hammond Robotics marketing its newest products, giving darkly humorous statistics about its machines' battlefield prowess and effectiveness.

The first titan reveal is the Ogre, a stout machine that provides a greater amount of protection than a standard titan. Though the Ogre can take more damage than normal, it also pays for the protection by being slower than other titans.

The second titan reveal is nearly the exact opposite of the Ogre. The Stryder is the lightest, quickest titan, able to run at a fast pace to eliminate as many enemy forces as possible before having its light armor ripped apart by larger titans. It does, however, have a short dash ability that allows it to forestall this inevitability:

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