New Titanfall Game Preview Released


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Of all the next-generation titles previewed that this year's E3, Titanfall was, perhaps, the most promising. Though it appears at first glance to be another multiplayer shooter and is being made by the same developers that crafted the modern military shooter, some of the new mechanics being toyed around with in the game could change the status quo for the better.

Respawn today released a new video showing off some Titanfall gameplay, with developers describing just what is happening in the footage and trying to spell out what their design philosophies for the game were.

It seems their main focus was on the interplay between ground troops and giant mechs (Titans). Instead of the lumbering mechs seen in so many other games, the Titans are relatively quick and agile. For non-mech-suited players, the game's mechanics have been tweaked to make them effective against the giant metal beasts. Players can run along walls at high speeds and have a double jump. Certain weapons also have the firepower to take down Titans. It's a combination that makes the gameplay appear similar to an Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 Arena - which should go over well with PC gamers.