New Star Trek Video Game Footage Shows Stealthy Spock

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Earlier this week, Namco Bandai released an action-packed trailer for the upcoming Star Trek video game based on the rebooted J.J. Abrams movie franchise. It appeared to imitate

A new look at the game released today shows that the game won't be completely a cover-based shooter (though it still appears much of it will be). Brian Miller, SVP at Paramount Pictures narrates the video and talks a bit about the co-op aspect of the game that allows players to take on the role of both Kirk and Spock.

It turns out that the co-op characters will have different play styles and abilities. While Kirk focuses on honing his phaser skills and appears to play very similarly to a Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepherd, Spock is able to use stealth and perform Vulcan nerve pinch takedowns to defuse situations.

Since the game is scheduled to come out on April 23 - one month before the release of Star Trek Into Darkness - Star Trek fans shouldn't expect it to have any spoilers about the upcoming movie. There will be plenty of Gorn blasting, though. Also, if the the developers have any sense they will have included a crafting system that allows players to create their own Gorn cannon.

It's still unknown whether the Star Trek video game will be fun or a classic thrown-together movie tie-in. The animations and graphics don't seem spectacular, but the ability to stealthily perform a Vulcan nerve pinch is at least evidence that there will be one good thing in the game.

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