New SimCity Trailer Shows Tornadoes, Meteorites, and UFO Attacks

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Two weeks ago EA released a developer preview demonstrating to gamers how the new SimCity will play. Once players get their roads, power stations, and sewers constructed, though, the real game begins.

Today EA released a new trailer showing off four of the natural disasters included in the game, any of which can bring even the most well-planned city to its knees. However "natural" is being loosely interpreted here, as attacks by UFOs (presumably carrying aliens) can split buildings in two with giant lasers.

Other disasters to watch out for are tornadoes, earthquakes, and swarms of meteorites. The video's description text teses that other disasters will be announced in the near future. As the trailer instructs, players can prepare for disaster by maintaining a robust social infrastructure that includes hospitals, fire stations, and police stations.

SimCity is currently scheduled for a February 2013 release.

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