New SimCity Trailer Shows Creativity and Consequences


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The new SimCity is on the way, and multiplayer or not, the game promises to capture the old-school feeling of creating a city and fending off natural disasters. Mix that with the quirky style Maxis has developed over years of work on The Sims games, and a certain kind of gamer will almost certainly be playing the upcoming title well into the next decade.

Some good footage of how the game will play has already been released. However, I suspect SimCity fans in particular won't be able to get enough details about how the game allows players to micromanage their worlds until the game's release on March 8, 2013.

Today EA released a new SimCity trailer that highlights the creativity possible in the game, but how creativity must sometimes be tempered with feasibility and a knowledge of how certain actions will affect a city's population of sims. SimCity Lead Creative Director Ocean Quigley (who's mustache is amazing and seems to match his name) walks fans through a few of the details, such as the types of power generation available. He also mentions that players will not simply be playing one city in a vacuum, but an entire region populated with other cities, whether or not they are playing online with other players.