New Resident Evil 6 Trailer Leaked From Gamescom


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Resident Evil fans have already gotten a nice taste of what awaits them in less than 2 months when they get their hands on Resident Evil 6. Capcom has been releasing trailers and gameplay videos with regularity, and a demo for the title is even available for owners of Dragon's Dogma on the Xbox 360.

This week, what appears to be a launch trailer for Resident Evil 6 has hit the internet. Once again, Gamescom 2012 has become a font of information and leaks about upcoming titles, rivaling even the info-dump that is E3. The trailer was apparently filmed secretly at Gamescom using a smartphone, and the video and audio are of poor quality. Still, the trailer shows the events that propel Leon, Chris, Ada, Sherry, and others toward what could be the conclusion of a major Resident Evil story arc.

Much of the early part of the game has been previewed already, but this trailer shows that Leon and Helena, framed for a bioterrorism attack which released the "C" virus, will be faking their deaths in an effort to throw off the Umbrella Corporation. The rest of the trailer is filled with fast-cut action scenes, and is similar to a modern blockbuster movie trailer. Take a look at the trailer below and catch a glimpse of the exciting, though undoubtedly convoluted, story in Resident Evil 6.