New Pokemon Drinking Board Game is Candyland for Adults


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It is Tuesday night and you are looking to keep the party going. You have finished watching your Sailor Moon DVDs and are still hung over from playing the Meme drinking board game with your maintenance guy and three Kirby salesmen last night. Well, if you are stuck in 1996 or live in Portland, read on.

A new Pokemon drinking game popped on reddit Monday and is sure to get even the biggest geek socially lubricated and ready to battle. Almost every square on the white, yellow, and silver game board threatens to punish players by instructing them to drink up those Zimas or else! And if you do not like the fact that only 151 Pokemon are on the board the game creators tell players to go *%$@ themselves.

Upon further examination, I began to think that the creators are from North Korea considering the rigid and oppressive rule structures.

People who viewed this game have also commented that they do not believe they would survive the game considering almost every square requires the player to drink considerable quantities of liquor. While the game was intended for beer drinkers it is certain that other users will understand this factoid a little too late. But if you want to be a true Pokemon drinking champion, gamers like reddit user Batmanner posted say linked chat that you need to drink Sailor Jerry's rum. What a puke fest!

For obvious reasons, playing this game with a buch of drunk friends around expensive electronic devices is moronic. To avoid a Guiness soaked iPad snafu, gamers have opted to laminate and mounted the picture of the board on foam core, which will cost you average Pikachu fan around $43.