New PlayStation 3 Ad Shows Off Re-Designed Console in an Odd Way

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Earlier this month at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed its new re-re-designed PlayStation 3. The newest model of the console is even smaller than the last - 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the PlayStation 3 Slim, to be exact.

Unfortunately for consumers, despite the new design, the cost of previous editions of the PlayStation 3 haven't gone down. So, Sony has decided to market the console's strengths.

Today, the PlayStation Japan YouTube account released a commercial for the re-design that is quite odd. Here's the ad, which is only 15 seconds:

Sorry I didn't warn you about that, but you would've hated me for spoiling it beforehand.

Now, the questions. Is this the sort of thing that sells consoles in Japan? Could this be a Sony/Capcom joint marketing campaign for Resident Evil 6? Will every new PlayStation 3 come with a free zombie in the disc tray?

I doubt there will be answers anytime soon, as this ad is unlikely to make it across the Pacific. It was posted without comment to the YouTube channel. I suppose this one will just have to be thrown into the "WTF Japan" category.

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