New Killer is Dead Trailer Released

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The focus in the coming week will be on the dozens of next-generation games that will be announced at E3. Also, the restrictive DRM that Microsoft has (and Sony might) force on next-gen console gamers - but let's try to stay positive and think about games for now.

While the next-gen games will look flashy in next week's presentations, it's the final games of this generation (as The Last of Us seems to be proving with its perfect reviews) that will show off the best that console gaming has to offer.

Suda51's last game of this generation, Killer is Dead, looks to include all the ultra-violence and subtle (and not-so-subtle) sexuality the game director's game's (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw) are known for. The new trailer for the title focuses on the different villains encountered during the game, as opposed to the various barely-dressed women that were featured in a previous trailer.

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