New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Shows Goofy Disguises


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The last trailer Square Enix released for the upcoming Hitman: Absolution showed many of the methods Agent 47 can use to eliminate his targets. Today, the newest Absolution trailer focuses on the methods 47 will use to blend into his surroundings.

Disguises have long been a part of the Hitman franchise, but Absolution appears to be taking its costumes over-the-top. Players will be able to disguise themselves as everything from a guard to a yellow chicken, or even a chipmunk mascot.

This is all in keeping with the game's 70s-era exploitation movie theme, which is responsible for ridiculous villains such as sexy, leather-clad nuns and an evil, greedy weapons manufacturer/cowboy. If nothing else, the Absolution looks like it will be worth at least a rental, so that players can get a sense of the crazy mood IO Interactive was going for with its latest Hitman game.