New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Highlights "Dynamic" Audio

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Square Enix and IO Interactive want gamers to know every detail of Hitman: Absolution before its release. Already, trailers detailing over-the-top bad guys, varied weapons, assassination methods, and silly costumes have been released.

Today's trailer demonstrates how the audio in Hitman: Absolution will relate to the gameplay. The audio engineers who worked on the game talk a bit about what "dynamic" audio is and how they've incorporated it. The big, cinematic music stings will be saved for special moments, while more demure ambient music will be played during the "stalking" phase of missions.

When it comes to the game's dialogue, IO had the game's voice actors record dialogue while they were also being motion captured. According Thomas Bartschi, audio director for Hitman: Absolution, believable dialogue is the most important piece of audio in the game.

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